Chris Bowen Specialist Transport

FORS Accreditation

Chris Bowen Specialist Transport now prides itself on recently passing the FORS Gold audit, for which it passed at the 1st attempt, and can now offer this accreditation in facilitating any future haulage requirements you may have.

Having attained the FORS Gold accreditation the company has demonstrated its commitment to achieving the highest standard of professionalism, but will continue to move the business forward.

The FORS standard has a strong emphasis on the Health & Safety aspects of all road users, in particularly Vulnerable Road Users to which the company is fully committed.

Chris Bowen Specialist Transport

FORS Introduction

Also on the FORS introduction is now as follows

Chris Bowen Specialist Transport currently operates a fleet of vehicles and trailers, which comprise of the following: 6 x Artic tractor units, 1 x 32 tonne rigid equipped with a crane, 3 x 26 tonne rigids one of which is equipped with an crane, 1 x 12 tonne rigid, 1 x 7.5 tonne rigid and 1 x 3.5 tonne pick up vehicles, 7 x flat bed 13.6 metre trailers, 1 x 13.6 metre step frame trailer, 1 x 13.6 metre low loader trailer equipped with hydraulic ramps, 1 x 13.6 metre flat bed trailer equipped with a moffat truck and 1 x 13.6 metre curtainsider.

The Company’s fleet travel throughout the UK, delivering a variety of products. One of the main deliveries are air conditioning units of various shapes and dimensions which include wide load notification.

The company heard about FORS through media and other haulage companies. The business was prompted to join FORS as a result of a percentage of our customer base enquiring about as to whether we have an accreditation, that was at some point going to be required in order to be able to distribute their products.

The company began to prepare for the Bronze accreditation, which was initially against the 4iii standard. Having gone through all of the requirements needed to pass this accreditation it became apparent that although we had many policies and procedures already in place, we needed to add and improve quite a number of our documentation. This in itself highlighted certain aspects of our business and made us more aware and a more professional company.

Chris Bowen Specialist Transport

We achieved our Bronze accreditation in April 2018 at our first attempt and set about moving towards the Silver Standard. This was more time consuming in as much as we needed to equip the whole fleet with all the safety equipment necessary to move forward, including full camera systems, blind spot detection, left audible alarms etc.

The Company achieved the Silver accreditation in January 2020 again at our first attempt and achieved Gold accreditation in January 2021.

Since joining FORS the company has undergone changes by means of updating the fleet so that they are all EURO VI compliant. Data sheets that have been set up have focused our attention on fuel usage and costs and as such has prompted us into changing our fuel provider and entering into a two year plats agreement contract, thus saving the company significant revenue.

An emphasis on driver performance and driver training has improved fuel consumption via toolbox talks and improved internal communication.

Achieving the Gold accreditation means that the company will be able to provide a level of distributional needs for all aspects of work undertaken and will ensure that the company can continue to operate in a professional manner which befits our customer requirements.