Chris Bowen Specialist Transport


We specialise in the movement of problematic cargo. Our endline says it all – we move difficult loads to difficult places. The problem could be the size or the weight. Perhaps it’s fragile or extremely valuable. Maybe it’s time critical or there are vast distances involved. Whatever the issue, whatever makes it a problem for you, it’s a challenge for us and one that we thrive on.

Chris Bowen Specialist Transport are able to move all manner of abnormal loads and wide loads. We are experienced in the movement of specialist loads within the UK. We have a commitment to providing exceptional service to ensure safe and reliable transportation. Many abnormal loads will fit on our low loader trailers or flatbed trailers, depending on the nature of the move. We are adept at moving all manner of wide loads and have some specialist trailers to enable us to do this, plus support vehicles as required by many areas in the UK.

We use an online route planning service, notifying the relevant authorities. Escort vehicles are used when required and are in constant communication with the driver of the load throughout the journey.